Frequently Asked Questions

There are a series of frequently asked questions that we receive so we will try and address the common ones here.

Why am I not receiving reports?

If you aren't receiving reports into your account the first step is to check that the browser is sending them and that you have the correct subdomain configured in your policy. Check the developer tools of your browser to see if any reports are generated and sent. Low traffic sites may not get reports frequently.

What happens if I go over my quota?

If you exceed your quota we will simply stop processing reports into your account until the following month when your quota renews or you upgrade your account to increase your quota.

Where can I raise bugs or feature requests?

You can raise them on our GitHub page right here:

How do you store my password?

We use the password_hash() function in PHP to hash your password before storage. This means we're currently using the bcrypt hashing algorithm with a work factor of 10 and 128 bit salt. Our code: password_hash($password, PASSWORD_DEFAULT)