Certificate Transparency

What is CT?

Certificate Transparency allows you to keep track of all certificates issued to your website.

By monitoring the CT logs you can quickly and easily become aware of new certificates issued and make sure they are genuine.

Getting started with CT monitoring is easy, simply let us know which domains you'd like to monitor for!

Getting Started

On the Filters page provide the list of domains that you want us to monitor the CT logs for.

Ct Hosts

Once this list is saved you we will start the monitoring process. Free accounts can monitor up to 3 domains and paid accounts can monitor as many as they need.

Paid plans can also enable CT Email Alerts on the Filters page.

Ct Email Alerts

When email alerts are enabled, each time we find a certificate or pre-certificate for one of your domains in the CT logs, we will send you an email to notify you immediately.

Ct Email

We also support Expect-CT reports, more details here: https://docs.report-uri.com/setup/ect/